Did Suez Canal Exist in The Past

The probable presence of high technology in the past and the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869 is a matter of important debate. Of course, we have to ask this question, why old tribes that had high tech did not open this channel.

Based on some information I believe that the Suez Canal has existed for millions of years like the Gibraltar Strait. Why was it closed, when it was closed.
The greatest evidence is that the Suez Canal filled with only sand before reopened.
The British and the French constructed Suez channel by carrying away the sand.
They did not shred rocks and mountain with bombs.
if there was a channel in the past, why it closed, why it was filled?
Let me give you a very interesting answer to this important question.
Sumerian tablets are said to be a very powerful weapon that explodes in the Sinai Desert and destroys a high mountain.
When the information on the tablet is analyzed well, it is understood that it was a nuclear weapon.
This weapon does not have to be bursting in the time of Sumer.
The Sumerians are copycats. They may have copied it. As a matter of fact they imitated The Noah Flood, exactly.
information about the nuclear bomb that may have been exploded on the Sinai Peninsula thousands years ago, may have come to them probably with their ancestry.
Look what the Sumerian tablets say.
“When he reaches the Top Mountain, he lifts his hand, and the mountain disappears. Then destroys the plains in the vicinity of the Supreme Mountain. “Even a tree trunk does not stand upright in its forests”.
Had the channel filled with the impact of nuclear bombs. To say “yes” is very early. Nuclear traces need to be investigated with analyzes to be made in the sand.

Let’s look at another document.
Moses came out of Egypt with believers. Pharaoh comes from behind with the army. Moses Aleyhisselam knows that the army came from behind.
If there was no channel he would go from land. But he comes out in front of the channel.
Maybe there was no land to go east, the Suez channel was open.
There is only one thing that will override this. Moses walked farther south from east to west. If he walked from the north side, most probably Suez canal existed at the time of Moses.
The corpse of Pharaoh, which has not decayed and perhaps never been mummified, was found on the top of a hill nearby Suez canal.
I certainly do not claim that this corpse belonged to Pharaoh and that he was not mummified and mummified. I do not know if there is a scientific article on this subject.
If this body belongs to Pharaoh which found at the channel construction area, Suez channel must be exist at the time of Hazrat Moses.
They ask “what happened to the remains of Pharaoh’s army”.
The water of the Red Sea is very salty and hot. In such an environment, even the bones in the water may dissolve and disappear in a few years.
It is possible to prove that the Suez Canal has existed for millions of years.
If the channel was open for millions of years, most probably many ships sank in the Suez canal in the past, along with thousands years.
Perhaps the sunked ships were carrying human, animals, gold, silver, and other goods.
When the Suez Canal was opened, sand removed as much as the depth where the ships can pass. Recent years deepening work was done. But they did not go down to the point where the sand was finished.
I think there are remains under the floor of the Suez Canal, below the sand.
These remnants can provide very important information about the age of mankind. This will be proven in future. The Suez Canal did not open in 1869 for the first time. The closed channel reopened.
For thousands of years the canal was filled with sand.
To this a nuclear explosion, floods or something else may have been caused.
Most probably channel filled up with silt and sand in the past along with thousands years.