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Dr. Yavuz Örnek was born in 1958 in Erzurum Province, İspir District. Dr. Ornek is married and has two children.

He completed his primary school in Petekli Village, middle and high school in Gebze, and university in Erzurum in 1981. Although he is a chemist, he has ideas and studies in many branches of science. He was appointed as an assistant to Van YY University at the end of 1983. He did his master’s degree on plant hormones here.

He went to the USA in 1990. He earned a master’s degree from Syracuse University in New York and a doctorate at Washington and remained there. He made a definite comeback in 2010 and worked as Assistant Professor at Istanbul University Marine Sciences and Management Institute.

Although he has theoretical and experimental studies on algae chemistry, drug synthesis, meteor organic chemistry, he has always worked on new fresh water and energy sources in his life and examined the Flood scientifically for the first time in the world.

He develops projects for the solution of environmental pollution.
He is the only scientist to explain the reason for the mucilage formed in the Marmara Sea.

He emphasizes the importance of opening Algae Research Centers in the country.

He strongly recommends opening a single full-fledged center for drug development, working in partnership with faculties of chemistry, medicine, pharmacy, dentistry and other relevant units.

He emphasizes that development and survival will be possible by protecting science and spirituality, and that non-spiritual development in technology can bring destruction to the country, the region and the world.

Bu görsel boş bir alt niteliğe sahip; dosya adı YAVUZ-%C3%96RNEK-K%C3%96Y.jpg
My first photo 13-July-1966
Petekli Village, Ispir-Erzurum
To describe our economic situation, the word “Poverty” would be mild. But we were happy, my dear.
Tigris River. Diyarbakır-Turkiye