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Did Really Noah Use Cell Phone?

Noah must have used communication device

Age of human and scientific evidences shows that there was high tech in the ancient time.

Human age more than 60.000 years (depends on existing of Aborigines, live in Australia)

Baigong Pipes, Mahabharata, Dogon family and other sources scientifically prove that there was high tech in the ancient time.

Hadrati Zulkarneyn, Hadrati Suleyman and Hadrati Noah had high technology.

After search deeply for many years, I came face to face a reality that there must be high tech in the ancient time.

Opposite of this must not be real.

We cannot give answer to many questions if we don’t accept available high tech at the ancient time.

Some of you are claim that I am so extremist.

Break the mold is not extremism.

I cannot believe every knowledge given me at middle or high school.

So many years ago I told some of those knowledge “Good Bye”. And I threw away from my brain.

Of course there was high technology at the Noah’s Flood  time.

Hadrati Noah’s son was hundreds km far away from ship.

Hadrati Noah used a device to talk his son.

This is a communication device.

It can be a radio telephone, mobile phone, cell phone, pen phone, air phone (you can see him/her on the air), ring phone or any wireless phone.

What is difference between cell phone and walky-talky. It is Just technology.

Both of them use radio-waves, electromagnetic waves.

What is the reality. “Hadrati Noah used communication device to talk his son”.

If you accept communication device you must accept cell phone too.

More over,

Most probably, Hadrati Noah had very high technology than we have.