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World population before The Noah’s Flood

The Population of the World was at Least 10 Billions Just Before The Noah’s Flood-2

The information in this article is open to interpretation, of course it is not exactly true. It gives very important information about the size of the world’s population at The Noah’s Flood time.

Let’s look at the population growth of the world in the last thousand years.

YearWorld Population MillionYearWorld Population Million
1000  3001550  470
1050  3201600  485
1100  3401650  500
1150  3601700  610
1200  3801750  790
1250  4001800  980
1300  4101850  1.260  billion
1350  4201900  1.650  billion
1400  4301950  2.520  billion
1450  4402000  6.060  billion
1500  4552018  7.143  billion

In the last thousand year, the average life of people in the world was 45-50 years. In the last thousand year, if the life of the people was a thousand years, all of the above tables would be alive until 2000. Let’s see how much the world population would be in 2000. Let’s gather the population every 50 years. It’s about 20 billions. In other words, if the lives of people in the last thousand years were around 1000 years, the world’s population had now passed 20 billion. With 50 years of life, the population has increased by 20 times over the last thousand years to 6 billions.

Over the last millennium, as much as the total population given above, has been lost due to war and diseases. In other words, the number of people born in the last thousand years are at least 40 billions.

But you can appreciate that this calculation can never be true for the time of the Prophet Noah. They had around a thousand year of longevity. So it would be much more.

Please note that in the last thousand years the world population has increased to about 6 billions. Of course, you will be asked rightly.

When Noah was born, the population of the world why not be much more less than 300 million. Let’s answer this question now.

We told that there are at least 15,000, or up to 24,000 years between Hadrath Adam and Hadrath Noah. Depends on a hadith, propably we can accept that Hadrath Adam is first rasul and Hadrath Noah is Tenth rasul.

It is very likely that other Rasuls between these two Rasuls lived such a long life as well.

Between each Rasul has a thousand year. Except their life. Depends on religious sources, it is possible that the time from the time of Hadrath Adam to Hadrath Noah was at least 15,000 years and depends on Sumerian tablets, at most 24.000 years. Most probably on Sumerian records one zero was used excess.

Hadrath Adam had 41 children. Let we accept 40 children in our accounts. We have to admit that their life spans are over 500, or around 1000 years.

Forty people are twenty couples. Suppose that each family had 8 children in the first 100 years, and not more later on. Children and grandchildren also had 8 children in the first 100 years. It could be more.


100 years: 20 x 8 = 160 children (80 boys, 80 girls, 80 couples).

200 years: 80 x 8 = 640 children (320 boys, 320 girls, 320 couples).

(Total: 640+160 = 800)

300 years: 320 x 8 = 2560 children (1280 boys, 1280 girls, 1280 couples).

(Total: 2560+800=3360)

400 years: 1280 x 8 = 10240 children (5120 boys, 5120 girls, 5120 coupl)

(Total: 3360+10.240= 13.600)

500 years: 5120 x 8 = 40960 children (20480 boys, 20480 girls,

20480 couples). (Total: 13.600 + 40.960= 54.560)

600 years: 20.480 x 8 = 163.840 children (81920 boys, 81920 girls,

81920 couples). (Total: 218.400)

700 years: 81.920 x 8 = 655.360 children (327.680 boys, 327.680 girls,

327.680 couples). (Total: 873.760).

800 years: 327.680 x 8 = 2.621.440 children (1.310.720 boys,

1.310.720 girls, 1.310.720 couples) (Total: 3.495.200)

900 years: 1.310.720 x 8 = 10.485.760 children (5.242.880 boys,

5.242.880 girls, 5.242.880 couples) (Total: 13.980.960).

1000 years: 5.242.880x 8 = 41.943.040 children (20.971.520 boys,

20.971.520 girls, 20.971.520 couples). (Total: 55.924.000).

After 1000 years the number of birth are around 42 millions. And total populations are around 56 millions.

In this case, after 500 years the population exceeds 40 thousands.

it is narrated that Hadrath Adam saw his 40,000 grandchildren.

But after a thousand years, the population exceeds 40 million.

Did they use forty thousand instead of forty million, after thousands of years from Adam’s? Or did they use “the word thousands”, at the meaning of “too much”.

In other words, it is possible that Hazrat Adam saw forty million people from his generation.

If the account continues like this, 1500 and 2000 years after Adam, population reaches 40 billions and 40 trillions, respectively.

Let’s reduce the number of children from eight to four, in the second millennium.

Almost 15.000 years before from Hadrath Noah the World population reaches 40 billions. Just after two thousands years from Hadrath Adam. The World was full of billions of people.

If each family had six chidren the world population would reached to 2 trillions or more after 2 thousands years.

Of course these numbers are so extreme. Can not be acceptable. But these calculations give us very important knowledge about population of the World at the ancient times.

If 1% of these calculations would have been right, the population of the World would be 20 billion, 15.000 years before the Hadrath Noah.

When the population in the world increases, of course, wars start among the descendants of Abel and Cain. Surely, war not only happened among the descendants of cain and abel, as written in some books. At the beginning, there was twenty brothers. Each brother descendants became a differen nation, after thousands years. Most probably they spoke same language. But they had different country, different culture and different religion style.

Allah says ”I know only how many tribe I created“. From this, we can clearly understand that many nations were created in the past.

The age of human before Hadrath Noah is at least 15.000 years. Today, do we know what happened in the world 15.000 years ago from now, of course not. We know nothing.

We try to get some info about ancient time, by comment on some uncovered ancient ruins in our hands. That’s it. It’s what we have.

In my estimation, before the flood, of course there were a great destructions in the world. These were heavy destructive wars. How do we claim that. Do we have any clue in our hand. Yes we have. One is age of humanity, which is 15.000 years.

The second which is very important which is, scientists discovered the seven layer sky, before The Noah’s Flood. Today we just see first layer of sky. There are another six sky as well. This info is given in Quran.

Before The Noah’s Flood, if nations have reached this kind of very high technology,  we clearly speak that they had many destructive weapons in their hands to destroy others.

There have always been conflicts around the world in the unknown past, tens thousands or hundred thousands years ago.

Long lives have led to a rapid rise in technologies and the development of very destructive weapons. Along with some deadly destructions,  the destruction on intelligence took place which has been carried on to the next generations.

The first human is a prophet. Prophets were so intelligent. But after destructive wars some nations lost their mind and start to live in caves.

Before The Flood, there were people who used spacecraft and lived in the caves.

After 2000 years from Adam, The calculation of the world population based on the children and grandchildren of Adam will not be correct.

The fact that Hazrat Adam had forty children and they had long lifespan may give us healthy results about population of the world for the first millennium and partly for the second millennium.

But it is not right to do any calculations for after that coming time. Because there is no any reliable information in our hand. It is a fact that in the middle of the second millennium the world began to fill up completely. Population rosed to billions.

After that, the population in the world has increased and decreased over time, due to various reasons.

Now let’s calculate the world population when The Flood started. We dont have any information except their long lifespan. However this info is a very important to calculate the population. When the Prophet Noah was born, about a thousand years before The Flood, the world’s population may have decrease from billions or a couple hundred millions to few millions.

Let’s calculate growth of the population based on two families. The lifespan were around one thousand years.

Let’s suppose that each family has six children in the first 100 years and no more later on. Same as themselves, their children and grandchildren had also six children in the first 100 years, and no more.

In this case, the total population of the two families (four person) in the following first 1000 years would exceed 350 thousands.

Let we calculate the population of the world when The Flood started, according to this calculation.

If the population was 20,000, the population of the world at The Flood time was 1 billion 750 million (20,000/4 x 350,000 = 1,750,000,000).

If it was 50,000, then 4.375 billions (50,000/4 x 350,000 =4,375,000,000)

If it was 100,000, then 8.75 billions

If it was 500,000, then 43.75 billions

If it was 1 millions, then 87 billions

If it was 2 millions then175 billions.

If it was 5 millions, then 437 billions

If it was 10 millions, it would have been 875 billions.

If this last account is 10% true, the world’s population at The Flood would have been 87 billions. Let’s calculate the other alternatives.

If it was 5% true, 44 billions

If it was 1% true, 8 billions.

Considering the previous calculations, a thousand year ago before The Flood, it is of course possible that population of the world was not only thousands or millions but several billions.

These population calculations show us that the world’s population at  the time of The Flood cannot be less than ten billions, as a matter of fact that it can be 50 or even a hundred billions.

Let’s make an account for those who say that the world can not accumulate so much population. And let we accept that today the population density of the world is aqual to population density of a given country. Let’s find out what the world population will be under these conditions.

Country                    Density                 World population (billions)

Turkey                      100                           13.6

China                        147                           20

Uganda                     170                           23

Swetzerland               200                           27.2

Germany                   232                           31.5

England                     260                           35.4

Japan                          335                          45.6

Netherland                 405                           55.1

S. Korea                      505                           68.7

Taiwan                      650                           88.5

Bangladesh                1112                         150

Bahreyn                    2000                         272

Singapure                  8000                         1 Trillion

Of course, here we can not base Singapore.

If entire of the world density become equal to Bahreyn’s population density, the world’s population finds 272 billions.

World land surface area before The Flood was probably more, as much as 10-20 million square kilometers, more then today. There was no desert in the world before the Flood. Human has brought desertification to the world with wars. Scientists inform that Africa is a place of greenery thousands of years ago. So, the world population  was not a few tens of thousands or a hundred thousand or a few million, at the time of The Flood. Billions of people were living on the earth. Because before The Flood the people had a very long lifespan.

Before the Flood, billions of people lived in Asia, Europe, America and Africa. Population was maybe ten billion, maybe 40 or more. And there were probably millions of buildings in the world with 200-300 storeys. Maybe there were 500 storey buildings. Of course there was a very high technology