Excellent Scenario

The Noah’s Flood  

Excellent scenario.

It will be a memorable film such as “The Message”.

It will cause tremendous excitement.

It will make perfect impact with big admiration.

It will be remembered as an awesome, gorgeous film.

I am a faculty member at Istanbul University, Institute of Marine Science. I have completed my Ph.D. in The USA. I am a chemist. In addition to this, I have studied many years on The Noah’s Flood to bring clear, acceptable scientific answers to some of puzzling questions about The Flood. There are some important evidence, prove that flood was global.

After doing research for many years, I have wrote a screenplayer, script about how The Flood occurred. What kind of natural disasters happened, when did it happened, it was global or not, where did the water come from and where it went, how a pair of animal has survived and some other questions were answered.

The name is “Rosenour”, meaning “The Nour on Rose”.

(On the scenario; A very beautiful girl comes to enter the ship. She has not yet believed in. They invite her for faith. Invitation takes a long time which available in the scenario. At the beginning she deny and persist. Then she accept and enter the ship. Because of her believing, everybody sees nour on her face. They call her, they give new name to her “Rosenour” means “Nour on Rose” or “Rose with Nour”. Shining nour on so beautiful girl’s face).

This scenario (screenplayer) of course can be topic of a gorgeous, peerless and much-admired a movie, or movies.

To be honest with you “it is an excellent scenario”.

I believe that this film will be the most influential film in the Islamic world after the movie, The Message, “directed by Moustapha Akkad and performed Anthony Quinn.

“The Message” was effective only in the Islamic world.

This will be effective all over the world.

Because “The Noah’s Flood” is the story of everyone’s ancestor.

In my strongly opinion;

It can be “The Best Film Ever” or it will take place in the best 5-10 movies.

I strongly believe that this script will be translated into a film by their kind high order.

This scenario could be three films.

Each one can be a great film.

It will be said that such a film was not seen.

The script is Turkish. We are developing over time.

We also contribute when the film is translated.

We get a percentage of the income from the movie, which we agree on. Or they can buy the script.

In other words, if they wish, they buy the script, and if they wish, they will share the income.


Dr. Yavuz Örnek

Istanbul University


+90 544-864-8060

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