Sumerians and Reals

The Sumerians witnessed to a lost technology.

They reported this info at their tablets.

Sumerian tablets speak of a very destructive weapon.

There must be a powerful weapon destroying the advanced Sumerians as well.

Such a high destructive weapon could be a nuclear weapon.

As a matter of fact the tectites which formed by nuclear explosion were found in the region.

After technology collapsed, they wrote on tablets.

They had a high civilization before the technology collapsed.

At future excavations, remnants of high technology can come to hand

The latest technology traces date back 2000 years.

There are some 2000 years old ancient technology remains.

Baghdad battery is one of them.

These are the last traces of a lost technology.

These traces also exist in India.

Between BC 2000-3000 years, high technology got out of hand in the Middle East and India.

Likewise, there were similar incidents in the South America.

The Sumerians mention about 241,200 years  between Adam and the Flood.

But they reduce the life span from 28.000-36.000 to 1200 years.

In other words, the numbers of life span of Sumerians, related to pre-flood are wrong. Must be one zero less .

Between Hazrat Adam and Hazrat Noah there is a time difference of 15,000-24,000 years.

If the error in Sumerian records is corrected, this figure is 24.000 years.

There are some info regarding after the flood on tablets.

There are thousands years between The Flood and Sumerians.

The Flood occurred thousands years ago before Sumerian tablets were written.

That is to say, the real Flood that had occurred long before they reported on the tablets.

Sumerians never saw the The Noah’s flood.

The Sumerians copyed the Flood.

The prophet probably came to the Sumerians.

The Sumerians received the information about the Flood relate from their ancestor or from the prophets.

Why the existence of high technology in the past is hiding.

To claim that human came from the ape.

Not for anything else.

The idea that “mankind has reached the technology for the first time“ is the product of some lobbies.

The goal these lobbies is destroy the religions

Because of this, they claim that we came from the monkey.

Our people say that we came from Adam, but they reject the concept of an available high technology in the past.

Without realizing it, they support those lobbies

The Sumerians probably found age of the created first human and the Flood, using their technology

Sumerian tablets mention about many gods.

The story is yet refused at the beginning.

In other words, it is understood that a religious article given in tablets, is never right. Never be trusted.

The ship made of wood in a week can never stand the high ocean waves, mentioned in the Koran.

Tar is taken to the ship. Tar is a very harmful substance in a confined space.

Oars is made but never used.

King’s ship cannot be without oars.

He leaves his palace to his deputy.

But he knows that the palace will stay under the floods.

Will the king’s palace be unprotected?

Did deputy protected the palace from the floods.

That the ship was painted, gold and silver were taken, and plenty of animals were cut were noted.

This is definitely not The Noah’s Flood.

This is a heroic saga.

Sumerian Flood story never be real.

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