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About The Noah’s Flood

I’m faculty member at department of Marine Science at Istanbul University-Turkey.

I have scientifically studied on The Noah’s Flood around ten years and wrote a book “Truths of The Noah’s Flood”.  I have submit acceptable but also truly astonishing answers to many questions about The Noah’s Flood. Except two or three questions, I have completely solved The Flood mystery. The results conflict with known story, sharply.

There was high technology at the Flood time
A pair of fertilized egg of animals were taken instead of animals.
Ship had not same shape as today’s ships
World population was over a couple of billions
Water came from mantle.
Mantle has hydroxyl groups which give water when it heated.

This water at least 5 times more than oceans water.

If this water come out on earth surface, Everest hill submerge.
Also water came from sky as comet.
Except humans in the ship, everybody lost his life.
Probably The Flood happened more than 400.000 years ago.

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