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Eclipses Trigger the Earthquake

It is possible to establish a correlation between eclipses and earthquakes.

The effect of solar bodies on earth is unquestionable. But how about on resulting earthquake, yes there is no absolute scientific evidence yet. However there is a probability.

This probability increases in some cases. If two or more solar bodies or any eclipse see the Fault Zone with 90 degrees, their effects on ground become a maximum. At this stage solar bodies and eclipses trigger the earthquake at a maximum level and earthquake probability goes highest level.

Hence full eclipse saw the Marmara (Turkey) region with 90 degrees in 1999 and after one week large destructive earthquake occurred with magnitude of 7.4.

This eclipse also saw Taiwan and Iran with 90 degrees and later on large destructive earthquakes occurred.  The earthquake probability is high on full eclipse area which seeing degree is 90. The earthquake probability decreases by decreasing the degree.