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Excellent Scenario

The Noah’s Flood  

Excellent scenario

It will be a memorable film such as “The Message”.

It will cause tremendous excitement.

It will make perfect impact with big admiration.

It will be remembered as an awesome, gorgeous film.

I have studied many years on The Noah’s Flood to bring clear, acceptable scientific answers to some of puzzling questions about The Noah’s Flood.

After doing research for many years, I have wrote a screenplay, script about how The Flood occurred.

This scenario (screenplay) of course can be topic of a gorgeous, peerless and much-admired a movie.

“it is an excellent movie scenario”.

I believe that this film will be the most influential film in the Islamic world after the movie, The Message, “directed by Moustapha Akkad and performed Anthony Quinn.

“The Message” was only effective in the Islamic world.

This will be effective all over the world.

Because “The Noah’s Flood” is the story of everyone’s ancestor.

In my strongly opinion;

It can take place in the best the movies.

It will be a memorable magnificent work for you.

It will be said that such a film was not seen.

The script is Turkish. We are developing over time.

We also contribute when the film is translated.

We would be happy to talk on details at any time.

Filmmaker companies can translate this scenario to film.

I can talk them at any time by your High Order.

Sincerely Yours,

Dr. Yavuz Örnek

Istanbul University


+90 544-864-8060