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The Noah’s Flood

The Noah’s Flood (it means a major catastrophic disaster , NOT only flood) is mentioned in The Holy-books, Sumerian’s tablets, almost all ancient civilizations , nevertheless today’s many different cultures have also a spotlight to it . Surely, all around the world three religion believers and some other nations admitted with certainty The Noah’s Flood.

The existence of very similar folk epics about The Noah’s Flood at different nations, may prove that a common ancestor of all nations has survived from The Noah’s Flood. Of course. The Noah’s Flood happened in the depths of history, at unknown times. We all know why it happened. On the other hand , how The Noah’s Flood occurred is a matter of serious debate. For this purpose many questions are Raised to understand this magical phenomenon. The questions are:

– When did it happen.

– Is it global or Limited

– How all animals were attracted from all around the World

– How did they fit into The Ship

– How all animals were kept alive in harmony

– How they were Fed

– How they were kept under control, without give effecting each other

– Sources of Water

– Where was it coming from and going to ?

– How a “ Wooden Ship” resisted a high waves, high as much as the mountains

And many other questions. It is scientifically possible to give answers to all these questions currently , knowing that same answers were not possible 400 years ago.

The Noah’s Flood will be clearly understood in the future, with developing technology.

There is no doubt that there was a high-Tech at The Noah’s Flood time, higher than we have.

My book has answer all above and other questions.

The Noah’s Flood age is  at least; more than 60,000 years, depends on Australian Aborigines, Average; 500,000-600,000 years, depends on age of volcanic eruptions and number of prophets, the last volcanic eruption of Kilimanjaro, 495.000 years, and at most; a couple of million years, depends on age of Antarctica ice and some info on Sumerian Tablets.