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The Population of world just before Noah’s Flood

The Population of the World was at Least 10 Billions Just Before The Noah’s Flood

Based on the some religious and scientific sources, we can say that The Noah’s Flood was absolutely global.

HERE is a scientific source which proves that the human population in the world was at least 10 billion just before The Noah’s Flood.

How can we get to this finding?

1. Hadrath Adam had 41 children.

2. According to Sumerian sources, the time between Hadrath Adam and Hadrath Noah was 240.000 years.

3. A hadith states that “there were ten Karns (period, revolution, time) between Adam and Noah, peace be upon them. Ten Karns may mean ten Rasouls. We know that 313 Rasouls and 124.000 or more nebis came. Let say ten Karns represent 10 Rasouls. Is it possible? Yes, of course. Every one thousands years, one Rasoul came, (excluding their lifespan).

Before The Flood, lifespan was around one thousands years. Between each one of those ten Rasouls there were approximately 10 thousand years. And Rasouls’ lifespans were around ten thousands years as well. Total of this account adds up to 20 thousands years. That means between Adam and Noah (peace be upon them) there could be at least 20 thousand years.

Sumerian tablets mention 240.000 years but the king’s lifespan is also stated as 18.000 years or more. Probably one zero was a typing error.If we cut down one zero then we get 24.000 years. A figure compatible with the Islamic sources. This number can be right. We can say that there are 24.000 years between Adam and Noah peace be upon them

4. Human’s lifespan was around 1000 years before The Noah’s Flood. Along the coastlines, thousands of kilometers in length, 20 million square kilometers of land perfect for life, was covered with water after The Noah’s Flood. Let say the population density on this land was 2000 humans per square km. The estimated population only on this submerged land was about 40 billion. World was full of humans. Highrise, tall buildings had encompassed most places. Depending on the number of Hadrath Adam’s children, long lifespan, the Sumerian tablets, number of prophets between Adam and Noah, the World population was at least 10 billions at The Noah’s Flood time. Clearly speaking it probably was more than 50 billions.