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I’m faculty member at Istanbul university-Turkey, Department of Marine Science. I’m a chemist. I have completed my Ph.D. at American University, Washington, D.C. My sub field is organic chemistry, particularly medicinal chemistry, drug discovery, origin of extraterrestrial meteorite organic compounds.

Although I’m chemist, I’m interested in some other scientific fields as well.

I can give consultation for foreign governments about fresh water source, Renewable Energy source, and Environmental issues.

I have also scientifically studied “The Noah’s Flood” for around ten years, more deeply than anyone did.

I have written down many questions and then started to find scientific answers these questions.

I have searched for years, however I could not find answer some questions about The Noah’s Flood.

I collected thousands pages of information about The Flood.

But none of them gave answers the questions, that I have asked.

At the end, I have wrote a book about “The Noah’s Flood”.

It is a first book which explain global The Flood scientifically.

Where water came from

Where it gone

The Flood global or not

How a pair of animal taken.

When it was happened.

Age of humanity

was there high tech in the ancient time.

Population of the world at The Flood time.

Does ship stay in somewhere now.

All these were answered scientifically.

We cannot give answer where is ship (but give some idea)

How many person were in ship.

How long took it.

If you have some questions, please write to me dryavuzornek@gmail.com