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The science of chemistry that we have is instrumental in conducting our scientific research on many subjects from atoms to galaxies. However, we have scientific researches on the Prophet Noah’s Flood, the age of humanity, high technology in the past, the Big Bang, meteorites, the sciences in the verses, the sciences of the ancient tribes, water resources, thorium, living creatures in space, formation an atmosphere on Mars and many more. . We share videos about them on our channel.

I have also scientifically studied “The Noah’s Flood” for around ten years, more deeply than anyone did.

I have wrote down many questions and then started to find scientific answers these questions.

I have searched for years, however I could not find answer some questions about The Noah’s Flood.

I collected thousands pages of information about The Flood.

But none of them gave answers the questions, that I have asked.

At the end, I have wrote a book about “The Noah’s Flood”.

It is a first book which explain global The Flood scientifically.